Home School Groups

Frisco Fire Safety Town offers a variety of safety education programs for home-schooled children (in kindergarten through fifth grade) during Home School Days twice each school year. 

2019-2020 Home School Days Sessions 

Second Session: January 27 - February 7, 2020.

Home school groups can register for session 2 starting December 30th. using our Online Registration.

What to know about registering:

Our calendar is set up for 'group' registration.  Please have your home school group leader handle the registration of all the students.  You will need to select a topic from the list below during the registration process as well as let us know number of students, age range of students and any other special information we may need.

Our class time slots are designed for 'groups' only. If you are an individual not yet part of a group, call to inquire about the possibility of being added to a home school class that is already scheduled by a group.

Program Options

The programs are available for home school groups.
Our curriculum is designed for specific ages.  Our recommendations on ages will help you plan as you gather a group for a visit. (If you are trying to register as an individual not part of a home school group, please call to inquire about availability.)
Our safety programs are about 1.5 hours long and include bike rides in our village. Our scheduling guidelines call for a 
minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 students to reserve a spot.

New Guidelines for Home School Groups 
We understand the uniqueness of a home school group and will accommodate a variety of ages for a single program;  We know it is often necessary to have younger siblings accompany you for the visit.  In an effort to keep everyone safe while attending a program, we are now implementing a new 1:4 chaperone to student ratio, or one chaperone for every four students.

A chaperone is considered someone who is able to devote their full attention to the activity to help reinforce the lessons learned. This will help us reduce accidents/injuries with both the students and younger siblings.  We recommend you consider making other arrangements for younger siblings while attending with your school-aged child. 

Program Activities
After the lesson, children will be given bike ride time in our village.  We have bikes that are 20" with and without training wheels and bikes that are 24", with hand brakes only.  We do not allow outside bikes to be brought in.  You may bring your own helmet but we do have plenty on hand. Students must be at least 40" tall to ride a bike.  Younger siblings who may be in attendance will not participate in bike ride time but may practice pedestrian skills while accompanied by an adult.

Parent/Teacher Resources

Teacher resource guides and pre-visit materials can be found under the corresponding grade level pages.
Please share our bus and parking map with all those attending. All those attending should read through our Pre-Visit Reminder Sheet the day before your visit.
Should you need directions to the closest park for the younger sibling group to visit or for a meeting location after your program, please visit the City of Frisco website.