Frisco Fire Safety Town uses volunteers to staff our facility for both daily programming and special events. We invite citizens who enjoy working with children to be part of the fun and learning at our award-winning facility. We offer both adult and teen (15 and older) opportunities.

For school year 2017-2018 opportunities, please reference the Quick Links on the right side of this page.

Weekday Office Assistant / Reception Desk Greeter

Volunteers greet visitors, answer telephones, schedule Safe and Sound Walk Around educational tours and handle various administrative tasks as needed.

Traci Gies - Front Desk Volunteer

Weekday Classroom Assistant

Volunteers assist with small group activities and ride time in the village. Ages range from kindergarten to fifth grade students. Duties may require this volunteer to lift at least 20 lbs.

Weekday Lead Safety Educator

Volunteers are needed to serve as the lead instructor for safety education programs offered to kindergarten through fifth grades. The lead instructor presents the topic to the class using a PowerPoint slide show and videos, interacts with students to encourage learning and guides students through activities and tours related to their specific program. The lead instructor also facilitates ride time in the village. Duties may require this volunteer to lift at least 20 pounds.

Teen Volunteers

Teens are especially helpful during weekday programs for school year Scout programs and during spring break and summer programs and for all special events! Duties may require this volunteer to lift at least 20 lbs. Volunteers must be at least 15 years old.

Special Event Volunteers Volunteer

Frisco Fire Safety Town especially needs its adult and teen volunteers during our much-anticipated special events:
  • Summer Safety Event (May, June & July)
  • Fall Festival with Trick-or-Treating (October)
  • Holiday Lights (December)
All volunteer opportunities allow for online scheduling. Typical volunteer shifts range from 3 to 5 hours.
Kids riding jeeps
Safety equipment


To sign up now as a volunteer for the Frisco Fire Safety Town, please create a profile at MyVolunteerPage. If you are already a city of Frisco volunteer, but have never volunteered for the Frisco Fire Department or Frisco Fire Safety Town, simply add us as an organization. You can do so by searching 'Frisco' from the home page, then selecting FFD/FF Safety Town before logging into your existing profile.

For instructions on how to register or add FFD/FF Safety Town as an organization, download the instructions.