Daycare Groups

Frisco Fire Safety Town offers summer educational interactive programs (with bike rides) for Elementary Aged Daycare Groups.

Due to the current health crisis, we are unable to provide visit options for daycare and day school groups. Please let the families know we do have options for them to come individually;  Read more on our Summer Program page.

Daycare trip coordinators should take note of the following prior to your visit. 

  • Please review our parking page and share the parking lot entry location with your driver.
  • Please plan to have your entire group here by the start time of your scheduled program. If you must make two trips to get all transported with one bus, be aware you may have to hold your first set of students in a our front entry until the start time of your program. 
  • Elementary students should wear PE attire and closed toe shoes for a program with bike rides. 
  • Students are allowed to bring a water bottle;  However, we will have water available during outdoor activities.

Pre-K Groups may sign up for a Firefighter (FF) Guided Tour time.  FF Guided Tours do NOT include bike ride time.