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Services Provided by Safety Town

Frisco Fire Safety Town is a place where children learn real life strategies for dealing with emergencies while developing a positive attitude towards safety. Frisco Fire Safety Town combines traditional classroom education methods with unique interactive experiences in a realistic child-sized town-scape.

Children participate in activities designed to build self-confidence and to strengthen their ability to make safe decisions. Students then have the opportunity to practice a variety of their newly learned safety skills in a safe environment, complete with 5/8th scale replicas of local buildings, roads with realistic pavement markings, traffic signals, and street signs.

Interactive Learning

Interactive areas include an actual living room and kitchen which illustrate various fire safety hazards, such as a lighter and matches, candles, frayed electrical cords, and an overloaded electrical outlet. A child-sized bedroom is equipped with a nontoxic fog machine that emulates smoke and demonstrates to students how smoke fills a room during a fire. Children then have the opportunity to practice escaping safely from a bedroom through either their primary or backup escape route.

Pedestrian, bicycle and motor vehicle safety are taught in an outdoor environment while children operate battery-powered vehicles and ride bicycles on realistic streets. Children have the unique opportunity to practice safety skills from both youth and an adult perspective while remaining in the safe environment of Frisco Fire Safety Town and under the watchful eye of trained educators.

Our Mission

Our mission is to eliminate preventable accidents and injuries. With the generous support of local developers and businesses, we can achieve this goal with Frisco Fire Safety Town. We appreciate your interest in the project and would like to invite your organization to become involved today.

Sponsorship Benefits

Thank you for your interest in supporting Frisco Fire Safety Town. For current details about available sponsorship please contact Cara Blackmon, Sponsorship and Event Development Manager: 972-292-5074 or email her directly.