What is Frisco Fire Safety Town?

Frisco Fire Safety Town is an educational facility which is part of the Community Education Division of the Frisco Fire Department. We are located adjacent to Central Fire Station in Frisco, 8601 Gary Burns Drive. Our facilities include classrooms, a safety house and miniature village. We are a study trip destination for Frisco ISD and other area schools, hosting elementary aged students during the school year for a variety of safety education programming.  During school breaks in spring and summer, we do offer public programs for elementary aged students.  Other public visit options include guided tours and public events

See map here.

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1. What is Frisco Fire Safety Town?
2. What are your hours?
3. Can I just show up or do I need to schedule a time to take a tour?
4. How can I bring my child to Safety Town?
5. What ages may attend classes at Frisco Fire Safety Town?
6. May other school districts and groups attend programs at Frisco Fire Safety Town?
7. How do I schedule a program (class) at Frisco Fire Safety Town?
8. How do I request someone for Career Day, HOA meetings, PTA Fairs , etc.?
9. Do you have meeting room space available?
10. Do you hold birthday parties at Frisco Fire Safety Town?
11. Is there anything for my preschooler to do at Frisco Fire Safety Town?
12. Is there a fee to attend the programs?
13. How do we get to ride a bike or jeep?
14. How do I give feedback about my visit?
15. Where do I get help with a car seat?
16. How do I start my own Safety Town?
17. What do you sell in your store?