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Fire Safety Clowns

  1. Honorary Deputy Quiz

    A short quiz to test your safety knowledge after watching the Frisco Fire Clowns Safety Presentation.

Safety Town Information

  1. Community Education Special Request Form

    **All outside Community Education Appearances are currently suspended** Please check back at a later date to see when new requests are... More…

  1. Safety Town eLearning questions and feedback

    Please let us know if you liked what we offered on our At Home Activities page. If you have any questions, experienced any issues with... More…

Share Your Safety Stories

  1. Share Your Safety Story

    Use this form to share your safety story from Frisco Fire Safety Town. Tell us about what makes Safety Town memorable to your family -... More…

Virtual Field Trips

  1. VFT Education Summary Form

    One teacher per grade level should complete the Virtual Field Trip Education Summary Form AFTER all students have completed the course. More…

  1. Virtual Public Program Education Summary Form

    To help us quantify the number of students we served, each virtual public program scheduler will need to complete an education summary... More…

Visitor Forms

  1. Health Screening Form for Safety Town

    to screen visitors to safety town

Volunteer Forms

  1. FFST Staffing Outlook

    Please help us to plan for the coming season of programming at FFST by lettings us know your intentions regarding your volunteer... More…

  2. My Wish List

    Let us know a few of your faves.

  3. Zoom Meeting Question

    Please provide one question you would like us to answer during the zoom meeting. If we are able to address questions during the zoom... More…

  1. Lunch Selection Form

    Please make the needed choices so we may order your lunch.

  2. Stock the Pantry Wish List

    Please check off all of the items your crew would find most helpful to receive during the upcoming stock the pantry event